At the Fremantle Watch Company we are excited to be working with Alsta.

Alsta was resurrected in 2014 and after two years in the making, thier first wristwatch for over 40 years was released in 2017. They were inspired by the Nautoscaph dive watch as worn by Richard Dreyfuss as Matt Hooper in the classic movie, Jaws and they chose the Nautoscaph II to revive and lead the resurrection of Alsta in the 21st Century.

Alsta are thrilled that the Nautoscaph II has been so well received by Alsta enthusiasts and by new discoverers of the brand.

In 2018 Alsta presented the next two timepieces; the Nautoscaph III and the Surf n Ski which were equally well received. Then, in 2019, they presented the watch that Alsta enthusiasts have been asking for since day one; the Nautoscaph Superautomatic. This is the 21st century iteration of the classic which Matt Hooper chose as his dive companion.

Here at Fremantle Watch Company we have several models avaliable for you to try on or borrow at your convenience. Our prime objective is for you to make the right decision and purchase the watch that's right for you. 

7 products

7 products